iKnow Mormonism (DVD)

iKnow Mormonism (DVD) gives a non-biased, factual, concise and user-friendly overview of Mormonism. The video presents the origins, growth branches and development of the Mormon movement with a focus on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. iknow is hosted by veteran educator and world religion specialist Michael Bogart and includes numerous illustrations, maps and diagrams. A key vocabulary list is a separate feature.

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4.75 out of 5

4 reviews for iKnow Mormonism (DVD)

  1. Rating by Alexis328 on May 27, 2012 :

    I am a former Mormon and watched this more out of curiosity to see if it would have a bias pro or con. The presentation is accurate and provides no bias as to whether Mormon beliefs are true or false. It does an excellent job of condensing a complicated history down to a brief, manageable format. Highly recommended for anyone curious about Mormons and their beliefs. If you are a Mormon you will find nothing offensive. If you are hoping for anti-Mormon information you will be disappointed. It is a purely factual presentation of LDS beliefs. Alexs328

  2. Rating by T. Grant on June 1, 2012 :

    I was interested to see what information was presented. As a person who grew up in the Mormon Church, I would have to say this was accurate and I appreciated the non-confrontational delivery of the information. I look forward to checking out other videos done by this organization. T. Grant

  3. Rating by C. King on March 30, 2013 :

    The video was very well made. All the information presented was clear and easy to understand. It was a complete presentation of Mormonism and the information was not bias in any way. It explained the history of the religion and where it started and how it has progressed over the years. I enjoyed watching the video. Courtney King

  4. Rating by D. T. on April 2, 2013 :

    Your video was very interesting. It was broken-down well and straight to the point. I learned about Mormonism and now I have a different view point on them. I enjoyed it a lot. Deidre T.

  5. Rating by Lorianne on April 12, 2013 :

    The information in this video was addressed professionally, and had back up references with actual written quotations from Joseph Smith himself. That being said, this video remained true to its word in being unbiased and strictly factual. I strongly recommend this video for anyone looking for a brief survey of the Church of Latter Day Saints; it is simple, yet very informative! Five stars from me. LoriAnne Manalo

  6. Rating by Marco on May 1, 2013 :

    Very good video and easy to understand how Mormonism began and to what it is to this day and what it consists of. Explains thoroughly in great detail every aspect of the religion. I learned quite a bit from the video. Marco Cruz

  7. Rating by Maricela on May 5, 2013 :

    I really enjoyed watching this video because it is really easy to understand and learn about Mormonism. Maricela Zavala

  8. Rating by Kymbra B. on May 5, 2013 :

    Everything was straight and to the point. Kymbra Berna

  9. Rating by Thom on May 11, 2013 :

    Loved it. Very easy to follow. This video is perfect for anyone wanting to know about the Mormon religion. The video is not too long so it won’t bore you and it is very easy to follow. 5 stars from me! Thomas Nave

  10. 5 out of 5

    Rating by BrianaPimentel on May 16, 2013 :

    This video was great i would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in knowing about the mormonis. It is very simple an easy to follow along with, gives you new view points.

  11. 5 out of 5

    Rating by michelleglover on May 17, 2013 :

    This video is awesome. I highly recommend it to anyone who desires to gain a deeper understanding of Mormonism. I went into it not knowing a thing about the Mormon faith, but now I feel like I have gained a sturdy knowledge of the subject! The video is easy to understand, covers everything, and Bogart is enthusiastic and keeps it interesting. Five stars!

  12. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Ms.KatMac on May 18, 2013 :

    I shared this video with my husband, and though there are a couple of things that may be common knowledge, this video helps explain and fill in some of the answers that were missing. I would suggest this video to help fill in any missing information as well as to fill in some answers to questions that so many people have about the LDS/Mormon Church. Thank you!

  13. 4 out of 5

    Rating by Maritoni Jane Santos on May 21, 2013 :

    This video was very informative and organized. The materials were detailed and clearly explained. Also, unfamiliar terms were defined which helped me a lot. Indeed, this video expanded my knowledge about the Mormon faith.

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