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Understanding Islam (DVD)


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Understanding Islam (DVD) gives a concise, user-friendly overview of the religion of Islam, including its origins, early expansion, teachings and divisions, as well as suggestions for how non-Muslim people can relate to the Muslim people around them. Hosted by veteran educator and world religion expert Michael Bogart.Length: 35 minutes.

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5.00 out of 5

2 reviews for Understanding Islam (DVD)

  1. Rating by Liz P on September 26, 2011 :

    My husband and I watched this video together and both of us agreed that we had learned quite a lot in the 35 min. it took. Michael’s approach to informing the viewer was unbiased, respectful, and never boring. I have checked out the Mind Cuisine website and have learned about other religions, as well. Mr. Bogart has a way of teaching that leaves you wanting to learn more. I highly recommend viewing “Understanding Islam.” It will help you to better understand your new neighbors. Liz P.

  2. Rating by Rajesh on April 24, 2012 :

    I think this DVD was outstanding. This was a thought-provoking presentation by Professor M. Bogart, which delivered equitable, factual and valuable information about Islam. This high-quality video provided a swift synopsis on the subject of Islam in an entertaining manner, which mad it easy to understand. I struggled to find free video presentations on the Internet that provided the straightforward basics about Islam and failed miserably. This presentation not only met my goals it exceeded all my expectations because it delivered the information with a clear, impartial and thorough methodology. I highly recommend this presentation to students, employers and to anyone that wants to learn the truth about Islam. Rajesh Harr

  3. Rating by Holly A. on October 15, 2012 :

    I felt that the host thoroughly explained what Islam was, what they believed and what their religion required of them. I think the video did not try and cover too much but it didn’t leave out the basics either. I think this thirty-five minute video did a great job explaining what the Islamic religion is. I also liked how the video would give definitions on terms that people may not know. This helps the reader understand better and not just listen and have it go in one ear and out the other. I felt that the presentation was pretty unbiased. There was no hint that all other religions are wrong. I felt that the host just gave the facts as he knew them and left all of his own personal opinions out. Holly A.

  4. Rating by Shakira on December 8, 2012 :

    This is a very cut and dry look at Islam. There is no bias, it looks at Islam and tells the views what the basics are. It is only a half hour but if you don’t know anything about Islam and want a quick way to learn the basics this is for you. Shakira S. Graham

  5. Rating by Abdur on April 10, 2013 :

    From a Muslim point of view, I think the movie was very informative with very good information on the subject of understanding Islam. I think that if the believer of other faiths were exposed to the information produced in the film it would change their view of Islam in a more positive light. One of the strong points of this video was its ability to separate the fundamentalist or extreme view versus the orthodox or current views of the religion. This film should also be incorporated into the classroom setting for students trying to learn more about the religion. If I could make a suggestion on how to improve this film, I would suggest more information on Abraham’s other son Ishmael. The Christians of the bible would be able to relate to the history of the Muslims if they could identify with something that was familiar to them. Abdur Al-Rahim Talley

  6. Rating by Khakigear on April 12, 2013 :

    This is a good video for someone looking to know the basics on Islamic culture. It outlines the basic beliefs and tries to clarify on the common myths about the religion. If you are a westerner who knows nothing about Islam and are seeking to try and understand this religion, this video is a great start. Khakigear

  7. Rating by Amber L. on April 15, 2013 :

    The presentation was very easy to follow. I loved how Mr. Bogart explained the five pillars. He did it in a way that I completely understood. Amber L.

  8. 5 out of 5

    Rating by k Dawnchavez on May 1, 2013 :

    Very well made and to the point. Very accurate in the information and fun to watch. This is the second video I have watched from him and I look forward to more.

  9. Rating by Michael E. on May 2, 2013 :

    I am thoroughly impressed by the content, presentation, the level of unbiased ideas and amount of information I was able to receive from Understanding Islam. I say this as a comparison with my few interactions with Muslim people overseas. These previous contacts were biased because I was over in Afghanistan fighting a war. This is the first instance that I have been reintroduced to the subject of Islam since then. This video has opened my eyes and has correctly informed me about the truth behind the Islam religion instead of the mockery others have taught me in the past. Michael E.

  10. Rating by Kallie J. on May 5, 2013 :

    Since Islam is the fastest growing religion and is spread all over the world I believe we should all have a general understanding of the Islamic beliefs and culture. This video about understanding the Islamic culture and religion was very informative and presented very well. The content gave the viewer a general idea of what Muslims believe. The presentation was clear and concise allowing the viewer to not be overwhelmed with information. The video contained pictures and text across the screen that aided in the understanding of the video. The pictorial description using the two-branched tree and the sprout was a great way of showing how Islam is related to Abraham’s faith. All the information was given in a non-biased way. Kallie J.

  11. 5 out of 5

    Rating by Ms.KatMac on May 8, 2013 :

    While I have been hard pressed to understand my sister’s newfound religion, this video helped to give me insight into the beliefs that she is holding on to so tightly. This video is perfect to help set aside some fears, concerns, or even biasness toward this religion.

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